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Passport to Learning Series

I’ve traveled to 26 countries and counting. During my adventures, I stretched myself beyond the boundaries of what I was aware of. Learning about the world makes you realize how little you actually do know and what a crazy, beautiful mystery this planet is. Exploring different cultures, diving headfirst into places you’ve never seen, smelled, or tasted, hearing sounds you’ve never heard, and attempting to communicate with people that don’t speak a lick of your language forces you to dig deep into areas of your being that tests patience. The world offers you a new perspective on the same old you.

I’ve learned tremendously during my travels from Budapest to Brussels to Bangkok and in between. The adventures I experienced then are still teaching me lessons now. In hopes that you might find some entertainment or a nugget of value to bring with you as you move forward in your personal and professional development, I’m compiling these learned lessons in a series called Passport to Learning. Enjoy!

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