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Who is Alycia?

I’m an ENFP that gives life an extra squeeze. I strive to make an impact in organizations through insightful and creative solutions that encourage human development. I provide a range of consultation and learning services to develop leaders and teams, solve problems to further business initiatives, and identify organizational improvements at the individual, leader, and executive level. I lead by creating a vision to guide others to a new perspective and influence by listening to and incorporating others’ ideas. Currently, I serve as a Senior Talent Management Consultant at Ochsner Health System in New Orleans. When I’m not at work, I am a dog mom to Richard, fitness guru, and Mardi Gras enthusiast.

Hello and welcome to Perspectives-2020!

Thank you for visiting Perspectives-2020. I’m delighted that you’re here! Let me introduce the purpose of Perspectives as well as myself, Alycia Angle, and why you may be interested in the on-goings here. Since earning my undergraduate degree nearly a decade ago, I’ve embarked on many colorful, life adventures. From climbing an active volcano on a tiny island in Indonesia to rubbing elbows with celebrity thought leaders and executives, these experiences, both professional and personal, have led me to a rich perspective on life.

My Story

The journey started with my first “real” job after graduating from LSU. To say that I was miserable working at a small marketing and advertising agency is an understatement. Having been successful, both academically and socially, up to this point in my life as well as highly motivated, I felt depleted and worthless. I thought to myself, “If this is my first job and I’m failing, I’ll never make it in the working world.” There was an inherent struggle between our leader and the bright, yet less experienced talent he hired. A lack of direction, expectations, training, and positive leadership brewed a recipe for disengagement, rapid turnover (no one stayed more than 2 years), and mistakes. Seeing that I wanted to contribute to society and make an impact in my little corner of the world, simply getting another job wouldn’t suffice. I stuck out the misery for slightly over a year because I wanted to gain all the experience I could absorb (both positive and negative), save money, and deeply uncover my purpose in life and where I could make the most impact with my career.  

After months of research and analysis, I took a deep breath and clicked “Confirm” on a one-way ticket to Thailand. For a year I traveled, taught, wrote, learned from, and communicated with people from diverse backgrounds, areas of expertise, and viewpoints throughout Asia. Being extracted from your comfort zone and everything that is familiar, forces you to dig deeply into your core values. I learned that I wanted to help other people feel effective, successful, and happy in their day-to-day work. That’s when I returned to the US, began working towards a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and have made it my mission to help others not feel the way I did during my first job.

Why Perspectives-2020?

Aspiring to build an existence that crosses the boundaries of “work” and “personal” and become united as “life,” I am hoping to create a place that brings these experiences together in a meaningful way. Each relationship I’ve built and path I’ve crossed has helped solidify my passion as a curator of learning and development in which I seek to help others work, communicate, and live more effective and happy lives. Long story short, this is a hub where ideas, views, and perspectives from life and work merge to be explored from various points of view.

Why do you care?

Who might care about what is written here? If you have a career, aspire to be something greater than you are today, are a leader (with or without a formal title), aspire to develop yourself further personally or professionally, don’t want to stay in the same position (physically or mentally) for the remainder of your life, hope to understand more about the people you live and work with, or want to continue to be interesting to other people, you may want to stick around and see what’s to come. I guarantee we will have topics and takeaways that interest you, spark your curiosity, and maybe even entertain! Who says work can’t be fun?!

What can you look forward to?

Perspectives-2020 will be a platform for organizational and leadership development, book reviews, opinion pieces from diverse perspectives of professionals in the L&D world, and topics such as generational diversity, MBTI Talk, women and pay, effective presentations, executive presence, coaching, mentoring, creative leadership, what to do when you’re smarter than your boss, and more!

Upcoming articles include:

  • What Mardi Gras and Leadership Have in Common

  • Are You an Advocate for Generational Diversity?

  • Have the Audience in the Palm of Your Hands with Storytelling

  • Networking Like a Boss

Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you! Please subscribe to get blog posts delivered directly to your Inbox.

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